Marilyn Sargeant Signing

Join us on Saturday, July 8 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for Marilyn Sargeant‘s signing of her collection of poetry Carbon is Yellow.

Check out this review by Anna Grace:

“In her debut collection of poetry, Marilyn Sargeant, a contemplative and introspective writer, as well as light-hearted and playful in her verses, presents her readers with both narrative and lyrical poetry that is innocent and explorative, as well as dark and brooding—touching upon topics which have stood the test of time in their truth and importance for contemporary audiences.  Her narrator observes all that is around her, often in wonderment.  Her gaze at the universe as she experiences it translates directly to her pen as though her eyes were an all-seeing lens—taking everything in.

Life experiences, real or imagined, blend seamlessly with Marilyn Sargeant’s observations and more troubling accounts of society gone awry.  Ms. Sargeant asks us to question our own behaviours, beliefs, and our treatment of the environment—particularly our natural world, which she reveres in a way that is akin to some of the great Romantics.

Venturing deeper into human experience, the poet explores themes such as mortality and inner conflict, speaking plainly and simply, yet without sacrificing depth.  She asks us to look beyond the surface and to examine the layers of our understanding(s) of the way things are, and perhaps the way they could be.

Further, Ms. Sargeant’s metaphor of rooms is threaded throughout her collection.  She likens a waiting room to society’s shifts and changes—not always for the better, mind you—the rooms representing a glimpse of modern life.  She reminds us that life is an aggregation of moments, beautiful and painful, all of which make up our “rooms.”  The nostalgia of past seasons, the familiar landscapes and soft breezes of our youth, the cages in which we are trapped in our dark hours—these “rooms” are explored elegantly by Ms. Sargeant’s nimble and clever narrator.  And, there is just enough spice to keep the reader on his or her toes.

Throughout her collection, Ms. Sargeant articulates what it means to investigate our external and internal worlds—our waiting rooms.  She has created a volume of finely crafted poetry which speaks to all of us, and which extends her (his) stories into our own.  We can relate since, in so many ways, we share the same room.  Visitors may come and go, but our room remains ours to tend to, to care for, and to appreciate in all its beauty and simplicity.”

— Anna Grace, B.A.H. Eng. Lit., M.Ed.

Miriam Bloom Signing

Local author Miriam Bloom will be here on Saturday, June 17 from 1:00-3:00pm to sign copies of her beautiful new children’s book An ABC of Ottawa. Bright, beautifully illustrated, and featuring some of our Nation’s Capital’s most iconic sites, this ABC book is sure to be enjoyed by all readers, both young and old.

To learn more about Miriam and her lovely book, check out her website:

Bruce McCallum Signing

P.E.I. author Bruce McCallum will be in the store on Thursday, May 18 from 5:00-7:00pm to sign copies of his new mystery novel Death in the Doach Woods.

About the book:

“What happens when ordinary people get swept up in a murder case?

Death in the Doach Woods is a murder-mystery set in south west Scotland, in the wild heart of Dumfries and Galloway. Derek and Kirstie Finlayson, a couple from Prince Edward Island, have recently retired from busy jobs in Canada. They’re spending six months in the region—reconnecting with Kirstie’s family who still live nearby.

They enjoy hiking and biking in the Scottish Forestry Commission’s extensive forests. But one afternoon in January, they make a startling discovery at the lookout, high up on a mountain in the Doach Woods. From that moment on, they find themselves caught up in a whirlwind that takes over their lives, especially for Derek, the nosy Canadian. He can’t stop thinking about the case and looking for clues that might solve it. Why would someone kill a 75 year-old man? Who could benefit from such a crime? The story climaxes when a surprise player draws attention to a possible culprit. In a strange twist, the hunters then become the hunted.

Many of the story’s colourful characters speak in the rich dialect of south west Scotland—a language made famous by the poet, Rabbie Burns, as he is known to the Scots.”

Margaret Kell Virany Signing

Margaret Kell Virany of Aylmer, Quebec looks forward to a visit to Books on Beechwood on Saturday, May 13 from 11:00am to 1:00pm to sign copies of the WWI-era story of her parents, Kathleen’s Cariole Ride.

About the book:

“It is full of love and promise. They were an unlikely pair. She was a city councilor’s daughter from Portsmouth, England and he was a Canadian sailor from a farm 40 miles north of Toronto. They met in 1917 when her father invited some colonial servicemen home for Sunday tea. They did not start writing until nine years later, after war losses had taken their toll. They were lonely, reaching out for love. One reviewer writes, ‘More than just a northern adventure story, this is the hard journey of two souls seeking to create a better world after the trauma of the war.’ The courtship is conducted on onion skin stationery back and forth over 5,000 miles. She asks him to come over again before she decides and he does, twice. In a tremendous leap of faith she comes out to the snowy expanses and frozen lakes of the Oxford House Swampy Cree mission field in Manitoba to be his lifelong helpmeet although she’s seen him for only three weeks out of 27 years.”

About the author:

“Margaret is a graduate in English ‘Lang & Lit’ from the University of Toronto. She worked as a professional YMCA secretary, freelance journalist and was editor and co-owner of the Aylmer Bulletin. With honesty and intimacy, she combines the discipline and breadth of a classical education with the flare, brevity and compulsion of a newspaper.”

Margaret’s earlier book, A Book of Kells: Growing Up in an Ego Void –  her parents’ story followed by her own story of growing up as a minister’s daughter -will also be available.

Find out more about Margaret and her books at



Elie Nasrallah Signing

Local author, Elie Nasrallah will be here on Saturday, May 6 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm to sign copies of his book Hostage to History.

Check out the following links to find out more about Elie Nasrallah and his work!

Elie’s essay from the Ottawa Citizen:

Nasrallah: Let's stop the myth-making around multiculturalism

This is a great article from Ottawa Life Magazine in which Elie Nasrallah is named one of the top 25 people in the Capital:

Amelia Curran Signing

Stop by the store on Friday, April 28 to meet Newfoundland singer/songwriter Amelia Curran. She will be here from 2:00-3:00pm to sign copies of her new book of songs, Relics and Tunes.

Full of songs from all five of Amelia’s albums, including her newest release, Watershed, this book of lyrics comes complete with keys and chords for each song. Whether you’re a musician, a poetry lover, or a fan of Amelia herself, this book is a real treat to read and explore.

Learn more about Amelia on her website: 

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Authors for Indies Day 2017

Come out on Saturday, April 29 to meet some great local authors and support your independent bookstore! Each of our authors will be in the store for an hour to meet and chat with you, and recommend some of their favourite books!

Here’s our great author lineup:

10:30am: Joanne Proulx (author of Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet and the forthcoming novel We All Love the Beautiful Girls [August 22])

11:00am: R.J. Harlick (author of the Meg Harris mystery series; A Cold White Fear [Book #7] to be followed by Purple Palette for Murder [October 14])

11:45am: Charlotte Gray (beloved historian and the author of The Promise of Canada)

12:00pm: Frances Itani (Tell is the second novel in the trilogy that started with Deafening and will end with That’s My Baby [September 5])

1:00pm: Susan Delacourt (political commentator, columnist, and author of Shopping for Votes)

2:00pm: Michael Dennis (local poet, writer, and blogger who’s just released his first collection of poetry, Bad Engine)

3:00pm: Sonia Tilson (Welsh-born local author of the historical novel, The Monkey Puzzle Tree)

It will be a wonderful day full of books, authors, draws, promos, and so much more!
We hope to see you then!

A bit about Authors for Indies Day:

“Authors for Indies is a national campaign in support of independent bookstores. On Saturday April 29, hundreds of Canadian authors will be volunteering as guest booksellers at indie bookstores across the country. This is the day we authors give back to the bookstores who support us every day of the year.
Independent bookstores are more than just retailers. Indie bookstores are spaces where you can open a book at random, fall into another world, and take it home with you forever. Where you can enter and breathe in that new book smell. Where you can talk to people who are passionate about recommending exactly the right book. Where you are part of a reading community.
If that’s how you feel about bookstores, then come out on Saturday April 29.” (quoted from

Linda Wiken Signing

Local mystery author Linda Wiken will be in our store on Saturday, April 22 from 12:00-2:00pm to sign copies of her newest mystery novel, Roux the Day. This new book is the sequel to Toasting Up Trouble, the first installment of her Dinner Club Mystery Series. Featuring event planner and amateur sleuth, Jennifer “J.J.” Tanner, this cozy mystery series is full of fun, food, and of course, murder!

Linda is also the author of the bestselling Ashton Corners Book Club Series written under the pseudonym Erika Chase. With bodies cropping up left, right, and centre, the Ashton Corners Mystery Book Club is the most authentic club you will ever encounter!

While we can’t promise you a real live mystery to solve on Saturday, we can guarantee you will get endless entertainment from both of these great mystery series.

We look forward to seeing you on the weekend!