Emily Murray Book Signing

Join us on Saturday, March 9 between 11:00am and 1:00pm as we host local author Emily Murray in the store! She will be here signing copies of her debut novel, Alixandria Fire: Dani and Danny, a winter-themed romance set in small-town Ontario.
About the book:
“Christmas season in Alixandria is magical, the snowy air is festive with twinkling lights, holiday parties and mistletoe.
Kindergarten teacher Dani Campbell is still settling into her new town. She just needs a break from the chaos of her old life. Finally she can breathe, focus on herself and spend quality time with her dog, Sage.
One morning she accidentally picks up a café mocha meant for Danny.
Born and raised in Alixandria, fire fighter Danny Stewart is tired of being the hot topic of small town gossip. Focused on fixing up his grandparents’ home, he’s taking a long pause from dating.
One morning he receives a plain black coffee meant for Dani.
Will sparks fly between Dani and Danny or will they go up in flames?”
About Emily:
“I am from a small town in Eastern Ontario, Canada. At age 10 I declared that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. It may have taken me thirty more years, but I finally did it.
With an educational background in psychology, sociology and criminology, my favourite characters are people you could bump into on the street, sit next to on the bus or smile at in passing: people who deal with the realities of life, with a little bit of sweetness mixed in.
Currently I am working on the Alixandria Fire series of stand alone books. The first one, out now, centers around Dani and Danny. The next, tentatively set for Spring 2024, will be about Sarah and Taylor. The third, potentially for Summer 2025, will focus on Brodie and Claire.
When I’m not writing I’m wrangling my young children, my husband and two dogs.”