Donation & Fundraising Requests

Will Books on Beechwood support us?

We prefer to support our local community in New Edinburgh, we will consider all other requests on a case by case basis.

What do you need from us before considering a donation request?

A clear and concise email telling us:

    • how the donation will be used (silent auction, gift, door prize…)
    • how you will recognize sponsors
    • what the event is all about
    • where and when the event takes place

What will you donate?

We will donate gift cards or items that we normally carry in store. The actual item(s) will depend on the event and our available donation budget.

How should we recognize your donations?

  • Our logo and a link to our website on your event and sponsorship pages.
  • Shout-outs on Social media, with links back to our site or social media.
  • Mention and links back to us in your promotional emails, newsletters and other media related to the event.

Where do we find Books on Beechwood on social media?

Our social media: Facebook, @booksonbeechwood on Instagram, @beechwoodbooks on Twitter

Where do we find your website? online store?

Our website is and our online store is

Do you have a logo and link we can use?

Books on Beechwood Logo

Books on Beechwood logo, our website is The code below has the logo and link:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Books on Beechwood Logo" width="300"></a>

For print you can use the image above (sourced from here) or contact for higher resolution artwork or different formats.

We will also produce artwork for any publication, web or print. Please contact us with details of what you need (size, file format etc).

What should we say about Books on Beechwood?

Thanks for asking! Here’s a variety of blurbs you can use:

The basics: “Books on Beechwood is an independent, locally owned bookstore that’s been serving the Beechwood area since 1994.”

Shop in person or online: “Books on Beechwood, located at 35 Beechwood Ave. also offers an online store at where you can search for books, see what’s in stock and make lists of books you want. Pay at pickup in store or online with a credit card. We deliver locally and ship further away.”

What we carry: “Books on Beechwood is an independent, locally owned, bookstore that reflects the interests of the surrounding neighbourhoods. The selections on literary fiction, biography, and history are particularly strong. There is also a good selection of mysteries, children’s books and cookbooks.”

Will you promote our event?

Definitely! The best way is to interact with us on social media. When we see your post mentioning us we’ll respond in kind.

We have a poster, can you put it up in the store?

We do have limited space available. Please bring us a poster and we will put it up if space permits.

Thank you for this, but we still have questions!

Please send us an email to and we will respond as best as we are able.

I want to donate my used books, will you take them?

We only sell new books which we get directly from publishers.

Locally we have the Rockcliffe Park Book Fair and the Rockcliffe Library sale that both take donations. You might also try contacting one of the many second hand book stores in town.