Oliver Dyment Signing

Join us on Saturday, March 23 for an afternoon book signing with local author, Oliver Dyment. He will be here from noon to 2:00pm to sign copies of his new fantasy novel, The Ninth Forsvar.

About the book:
“War cannot describe the ravages of the Umman Manda. When these monsters descend from the mountains, the people of Estrickt have their own word for what follows: Forsvar.

The scars left by the eight Forsvar run deep. Time passes, seasons turn, walls find their strength anew. Still, terror hold fresh in the mind of every Estrian. In a society molded to fight these vicious beasts, true recovery is a distant dream.

A new empress is crowned, a new hope rises. But already, signs tell of horrors swelling in the land beyond the mountains.

The ninth Forsvar is on its way.”