Janice Dickson Signing “Herbert Peppard” on Saturday, October 24

janicedicksonJanice Dickson will be in the store on Saturday, October 24 from 1:00-3:00pm to sign copies of her new book Herbert Peppard:The Eternal Man.

About the book:

Herbert Peppard: The Eternal Man tells the true story of a 95-year-old WWII veteran who was a member of the First Special Service Force, which is also known as the Devil’s Brigade.

Peppard grew up during the Great Depression in Truro, Nova Scotia. Unable to afford books for school, he dropped out at age 16 to work at the lumberyard. But with Hitler and the Nazis terrorizing Europe, he felt the call to join the army to help in the war effort.

While Peppard fought for his country and became a decorated soldier, he had a rebellious side. Peppard went AWOL – a serious offence in the army – five times while on duty. But during a prohibited vacation home, he met a beautiful woman named Greta MacPhee.

Critical moments of battle are interwoven with letters, written by Peppard to his family and to Greta, the woman he vowed to return to and marry. Many letters were written from his hospital bed in Naples, where he spent six months recovering after being shot.

The story follows Peppard after the war when he returned home to Nova Scotia to start a family. But soon after his return, Greta, his beautiful new bride, is diagnosed with a debilitating disease.

Peppard is living in Truro in the very home where he was born. He writes columns in the local paper, walks a mile every day and continues to inspire others.”