Noise at the Bookstore

As any recent weekday visitor to the store will have observed, we have a noise issue at the Bookstore. The underground parking garage beneath us is undergoing a major renovation which involves drilling into the concrete. The noise varies from very unpleasant when they are working directly beneath us to a background rumbling when the drilling is more distant. We have been told that this will likely continue for another two weeks (till Oct 10)followed by a two week break before it resumes.

The Building Owners have tried to mitigate the effect on tenants and residents by providing noise free periods from 12-1.00p.m. and after about 3.45p.m. There is no work on the weekends. If you are free to time your visits to the store, that may help.

We do apologise for the inconvenience and the disruption for browsers and we will try very hard to provide the same cheerful service as usual despite the irritating impact on our staff! Thank you for your understanding.