Introducing…Books ‘n Brew!

masseymurderBooks on Beechwood and the Mackay Clocktower Brew Pub Announce…Books ‘n Brew!

Starting in September 2013, in conjunction with the Clocktower, we will be holding a number of literary evenings.
Each evening will begin at 6:00pm with dinner at the pub, which will be followed by the author’s presentation, a Q&A session, and a book signing.

Books ‘n Brew Schedule:
September 30: Charlotte Gray presents The Massey Murder
October 28: Nathan Greenfield presents The Forgotten
November 11: Don Newman presents Welcome to the Broadcast
November 25: Mary Lawson presents Road Ends
December 1: Denise Chong presents Lives of the Family
December 15: Robert Sibley presents The Way of the 88 Temples

Attendance includes 15% off the featured author’s book and 15% off the cost of your meal if accompanied by one of the Clocktower’s famous custom brews.

Reservations necessary. Please book your table with the Clocktower at 613-742-3169.