Fred Cook Signing “Death in a One-Room Schoohouse” on Sunday, September 29 from 2:00-4:00pm

DeathSchoolhouseCome down to the bookstore to meet Kingston author Fred Cook! He will be here on Sunday, September 29 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm signing copies of his new cozy mystery Death in a One-Room Schoolhouse: A Bradley Jackson, New Brunswick Mystery.

From the jacket:

Death in a One-Room Schoolhouse is the first in a series of 15 novels featuring Bradley Jackson, a small town portrait photographer and amateur sleuth. Bradley is a bachelor in his late twenties who lives in the fictitious southern New Brunswick village of Lambton in Royal County during the late 1950s.”

This is a cozy mystery that has minimal violence, no coarse language, a touch of humour and a hint of romance.

We hope to see you all here on Sunday!


Terence Keenleyside Signing “At the Table” on Saturday, September 28 from 12:00 to 2:00pm

AtTheTableTerence Keenleyside will be at the store on Saturday, September 28 from noon to 2:00pm to talk about his most recent book At the Table: Nourishing Conversation & Food. In a time when technology seems to rule our lives, this books brings us back to eating and talking with family around the diner table.

From the jacket:

“When you finish this book, you’ll want to get out your neglected bottle of lemon oil, give your thirsty old table a rub, and then call everyone to dinner.”

We look forward to seeing you all at this great event!

Dr. Edmond Dixon Signing “Helping Boys Learn” on Friday, September 27 from 3:00-5:00pm

Dr. Edmond Dixon will be here to chat and sign copies of his book Helping Boys Learn on Friday, September 27 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

From the jacket:

“This easy-to-read and important book gives parents what they need to help their sons become successful learners at home, in school, and beyond.”

We hope to see you all here!

Dr. Dixon will also be offering a workshop on September 28 at St. Bartholomew’s Church. Check out his poster for details: DrDixonWorkshop

Gayle Leona Jabour and Daniel Tigner Signing “The Time of Your Life” on Thursday, September 26 from 6:00 to 8:00pm

timeyourlifeLocal authors Gayle Leona Jabour and Daniel Tigner will be here to sign copies of their book The Time of Your Life: Everyone Has a Story. This book “recounts the essence of the lives of forty people from early fifties to late nineties and what it is that makes them who they are.”

They will be here in the store from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Be sure to stop by to chat, buy a book, and get it signed!

We hope to see you all here!

“The Last Train to Zona Verde” by Paul Theroux

lasttrainzonaThis is not your usual awe-inspiring account by a famous travel writer. Paul Theroux has made his last trip to the continent he loves best. In The Last Train to Zona Verde he tells us candidly why he won’t be returning to the zona verde – i.e. African bush – and it makes for fascinating if upsetting reading.

The American-born Theroux went first to Africa 20 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer, and has returned may times to “the kingdom of light.” In this book, 50 years later, he explores the little-traveled territory of Western Africa, heading North from Capetown, through S. Africa and Namibia and on into Angola. Here he is shocked by a new Africa where country people are squeezed into cities which are nothing but slums of slapped-together mud and thatch, no running water, heat, poverty, mobs and anarchy. Though rich in oil, diamonds and gold, these centres do not share the wealth; in fact they rob their own people.

Theroux does include a chapter (Riding an Elephant: the Ultimate Safari) which describes a dazzling safari, Abu Camp, where guests interact with the resident herd of elephants, whether riding or walking with them through the bush, in private reserve or 400 000 acres of total luxury. Theroux also does a bit of teaching at schools sponsored by overseas aid. But as his trip proceeds he gradually gives up on his hopes for the continent he loves. His conclusions are unsparing and he shares them with considerable honesty.

Review by Anne McDougall

Book Club September-November 2013

paintedgirlsWe are pleased to announce that our book club has become so popular that, starting in September 2013, there will be TWO Monthly Book Club Sessions!

Club Poster 2013 sept-nov

Session 1: New Members ONLY***
Date: Second Wednesday of month
Time: 7:30pm
Location: New Edinburgh Square
35 Beechwood Avenue
2nd Floor Lounge
Session Leader: Antoinette Fracassi
Schedule: September 11 – The Painted Girls
October 9 – The Inconvenient Indian
November 13 – Message to the

Session 2: Returning Members
Date: Last Wednesday of month
Time: 7:30pm
Location: The Edinburgh Retirement Residence
10 Vaughan Street
Session Leader: Jill Moll
Schedule: September 25 – The Painted Girls
October 30 – The Inconvenient
November 27 – Message to the
***Once the two sessions are up and running, members of both groups can
select whichever session is most convenient for them***
For more information: call 613-742-5030 or e-mail

Introducing…Books ‘n Brew!

masseymurderBooks on Beechwood and the Mackay Clocktower Brew Pub Announce…Books ‘n Brew!

Starting in September 2013, in conjunction with the Clocktower, we will be holding a number of literary evenings.
Each evening will begin at 6:00pm with dinner at the pub, which will be followed by the author’s presentation, a Q&A session, and a book signing.

Books ‘n Brew Schedule:
September 30: Charlotte Gray presents The Massey Murder
October 28: Nathan Greenfield presents The Forgotten
November 11: Don Newman presents Welcome to the Broadcast
November 25: Mary Lawson presents Road Ends
December 1: Denise Chong presents Lives of the Family
December 15: Robert Sibley presents The Way of the 88 Temples

Attendance includes 15% off the featured author’s book and 15% off the cost of your meal if accompanied by one of the Clocktower’s famous custom brews.

Reservations necessary. Please book your table with the Clocktower at 613-742-3169.

“The Great Degeneration” by Niall Ferguson

greatdegenerationNiall Ferguson is the Scottish professor who teaches at Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford Universities and writes brilliant books on history and economics.

His latest started as a series of lectures for the BBC. It has turned into a searching and provocative book that examines the widespread rot that he claims is threatening our western institutions.

Ferguson looks at four aspects of Western life that he labels democracy, capitalism, rule of law, and civil society. He shows how these institutions in themselves have created great periods in the past. Today, a combination of greed and laziness is causing them to break down. He goes back to the British author Walter Bagehot who, in 1873, noted that: “The peculiar essence of our financial system is an unprecedented trust between man and man; and when that trust is much weakened by hidden causes, a small accident may greatly hurt it, and a great accident for a moment may almost destroy it.”

Ferguson notes that the rule of lawyers has often overtaken the rule of law. Taking education as an example, he shows how over the past 50 years, governments have encroached too far on the realm of civil society. To prevent squandering the breakdown of our institutions, he concludes, will take heroic leadership and radical reform.

Review by Anne McDougall