Mel Bradshaw Signs “Fire on the Runway” on Saturday, June 22 from 11:00am to 1:00pm

m-2.phpCome by the store on Saturday, June 22 to meet Toronto author Mel Bradshaw. He will be here from 11:00am to 1:00pm signing copies of his new book Fire on the Runway. It is the newest novel in his Paul Shenstone Mystery series.

From the jacket:

“As Torontonians move to the beat of the Jazz Age, war is the furthest thing from their minds. Then a fatal grenade explosion outside a west end hotel room breaks the rhythm. The room’s registered occupant, a mysterious European woman calling herself Lucy, disappears before she can shed any light on the incident.

Police detective Paul Shenstone believes someone is trying to assassinate Lucy. Once he has found her, he will learn the reason.”

For more information about Mel and his books, visit:

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Liane Tanguay Launches “Hijacking History” on Monday, June 17 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm

hijackinghistoryLocal author Liane Tanguay will be in the store on Monday, June 17 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, to launch her new book Hijacking History: American Culture and the War on Terror.

From the jacket:

“In Hijacking History, Liane Tanguay unravels the ideology behind an American enterprise unprecedented in scope, ambition, and brazen claim to global supremacy: the War on Terror. She argues that the fears, anxieties, and even the hopes encoded in American popular culture account for the public’s passive acceptance of the Bush administration’s wars overseas and violation of many of the rights, privileges, and freedoms they claimed to defend.

A timely retrospective on the War on Terror, Hijacking History examines popular representations of US military action, dissects both the logic and the aesthetics by which the dominant discourses strive to justify war, and reveals how some of these forces can ultimately contribute to an ideology of resistance.”

We hope to see you all come out for this great event!

“Unusual Uses for Olive Oil” by Alexander McCall Smith

unusualusesoliveoilIn a sensible world where we all worry about relationships and how to fix them, it is a relief – and a joy – to read Alexander McCall Smith – especially when he’s writing about his German professors who get into situations beyond imagining but hilarious all the way.
One of these men is Professor Dr. Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld. He wrote the definitive text book Portuguese Irregular Verbs for the Institute of Romance Philology. He is married to the book, although his friends try to persuade him otherwise, and spends every waking hour assuring his own name receives the recognition he feels it deserves. This results in some amazing adventures, including one trip on the annual student body retreat in the Alps. He plunges 3,000 feet – to make mountaineering history – and later turns this into a lecture series.
McCall Smith has lived in Africa, England, Scotland and written from all of them. One of the earliest and most beloved is The No. l Ladies Detective Agency. Readers in Ottawa may have caught Alexander McCall Smith on a recent visit here where he spoke to the Authors Association. A questioner in the audience asked McCall Smith why he ignored all the trouble in Africa when he was writing about that continent. He replied firmly that yes there was trouble, but there was another aspect to life, and that he is what he chose to write about. He certainly does it in Unusual Uses for Olive Oil. The result is a very funny book.
Review by Anne McDougall

“Family Album” by Penelope Lively

familyalbumThis is an attractive paperback edition of British author Penelope Lively’s 2009 novel, Family Album. As always it lives up to it’s author’s name. It is a lively and provocative story of a family of six who live in a big country house and return over the years to discover a lot about each other they had never recognized when they were growing up.
There is a convincing picture of the mother, whose whole life is dedicated to running “a happy close family.” There is also the au pair girl, Ingrid, from Sweden who becomes integrated into this close family in a way no-one knows how to accept. The father, a writer, sticks close to his study, where he turns out books and sees as little of his children as he can manage.
Penelope Lively is an award-winning novelist and author of children’s literature. She won the Booker Prize for Moon Tiger, and wide acclaim for books like The Photograph  and Consequences. She is amusing and sharp in her observations, and altogether delightful to read.


Review by Anne McDougall

John Kneale Signing “Volcano Rising: An Amabassador’s Diary” on Saturday, June 15 from 12:00 to 2:00pm

Be sure to come by the store on Saturday, June 15 to meet local author John Kneale. He will be here from noon to 2:00pm signing copies of his new book Volcano Rising: An Ambassador’s Diary.

From the jacket:

“During the three years that the author was Canadian ambassador in Quito, Ecuador, the country experienced – often simultaneously – volcanic eruptions, economic collapse, indigenous uprisings and a coup d’etat by the military. Adding to the crisis was a kidnapping of Canadians in the Amazon region. This diary details day by day the threats and challenges faced by the ambassador, his family and the embassy staff.

In spite of the chaos, Canada emerged during this period as a major player in Ecuador’s political and economic life. This story will intrigue readers with its account of a developing nation’s struggles, as well as descriptions of the Andes, the Amazon and the magnificent Galapagos Islands.”

We hope to see you here for this great event!

“Those Angry Days” by Lynne Olson

m-1.phpLynne Olson has already established herself as a vivid reporter of the politics and diplomacy of World War II as they involve the governments of the U.S. and the U.K. Troublesome Young Men focussed on the rebels in England who pressed for Winston Churchill’s leadership. Citizens of London gives an unforgettable picture of that city in the blitz, as well as the Americans who stood with Britain in her darkest hour.

In this new book, Olson gives a closeup of the two men representing opposing sides in her own country, the U.S. These were President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who wanted to help England stop Nazi Germany, and the famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh, who went across the country preaching isolationism.

In Those Angry Days Olson has done new and fascinating research on the years 1939-1941 leading up to Pearl Harbour. It makes for an exciting book and shows, as one reviewer points out “a great democracy rallying to a great debate.”

Lynne Olson lives with her husband, historian Stanley Cloud, in Washington, D.C. She has written two books with him, as well as Freedom’s Daughters: The Unsung Heroines of the Civil Rights Movement from 1830-1970.

Review by Anne McDougall

Sonia Tilson Signing “Monkey Puzzle Tree” on Saturday, June 8 from 1:00 to 3:00pm

m.phpCome by the store on Saturday, June 8 to meet local author Sonia Tilson. She will be here from 1:00pm to 3:00pm signing copies of her debut novel The Monkey Puzzle Tree.

From the jacket:

“Gillian Davies is six years old when her mother sends her to Croessfordd to escape the Blitz. But can she escape her child-molesting cousin Angus? Alternating between WWII Wales and present-day Canada, The Monkey Puzzle Tree is the story of Gillian’s struggle to accept her childhood trauma, forgive her mother, and confront Angus-who, it seems, is as dangerous as ever.”

We hope to see you all on Saturday!

Gene Bodzin Book Launch Thursday, June 6 from 6:30 to 8:30pm

Come by the store on Thursday, June 6 to meet local author Gene Bodzin. He will be here from 6:30pm to 8:30pm to launch his new book Making Your Life into a Work of Art: The Techniques of Memoir Writing.

About the book:

This comprehensive guide explores the issues facing writers of life stories. It draws on the author’s experience and observations as he wrote his memoir.

In readily accessible language, Bodzin’s new work focuses on two key elements – memory and the writing process – with topics ranging from neuroscience to moral and legal issues. It does not shy away from discussing false memories, family myths, and the use of fiction in memoir.

The manual answers questions like: Why tell stories? What makes them interesting? What kinds of things help us remember? How can we stay true to our story when it might hurt somebody?

This practical guide is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to write personal narrative.

About the author:

Gene Bodzin has been a corporate trainer, university professor and lecturer on a wide range of communication topics. Since publishing his 150,000-word memoir on line (, he has led writing workshops for Carleton University, the Council on Aging and Ottawa Independent Writers.

We look forward to seeing you all at the launch!