Grete Hale Signing “Baker’s Daughter” Saturday, March 19 from 12pm to 2pm

gretehale2.JPGGrete Hale is coming back!!! For those of you who missed her when she was here in January, or if you just want to come and see her again, she will be here signing her book “Baker’s Daughter: The Story of a Long, Rich and Very Canadian Life” on Saturday, March 19 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

What readers are saying:
“If you have a treasured place where you keep precious delights, then you will experience an instant appreciation for the treats that Grete serves up in this delightful and heartwarming book.” -Jim Orban

“Reading these stories is much like being in Grete’s presence – having a thoroughly entertaining time while learning about the past and being inspired for the future. Generations after us will be grateful that she has taken the time to write down the tales she tells so well.” -Barbara McInnes, CM

“Grete Hale is a wonderful storyteller with a penchant for colourful detail that invites you to read on as she shares a unique perspective to the life of a city and the intrinsic family bond that has remained steadfast for nearly 100 years. Grete has worked hard for everything she has accomplished and she takes neither her family or the community for granted.” -Roger Greenberg

The book retails for $19.95 (plus tax) and net proceeds go to the Ottawa-based “CanHave Children’s Centre,” helping young people in Uganda.

Come down to the bookstore on Saturday to meet Grete, buy a book, and get it signed! We look forward to seeing you all here!