Here’s One for the Kids!!! Rachna Gilmore and Ben Hodson signing on Sunday, December 12 from 1-3pm

troubledilly.jpegDon’t know what to do with your children this coming Sunday afternoon between 1:00pm and 3:00pm? Bring them down to Books on Beechwood to meet children’s illustrator Rachna Gilmore and illustrator Ben Hodson! Rachna will be signing her latest books “Catching Time” and “The Trouble With Dilly.” Ben Hodson will be here – with pencil and paper in hand – to sign his latest, “Richard Was A Picker.”

“The Trouble With Dilly” (ages 8-12) is the story of a young girl named Dilly who sees the new boy in her community, Gedion, shoplifting from her parent’s store. After tattling on him to her parents, Dilly realizes that there are certain things that should just be left unsaid. To make up for what she’s done, Dilly decides to plan a Christmas party for Gedion’s family. Before she knows it, the whole community is behind her. Will Dilly be able to see the project through to the end or will people start saying the the trouble with Dilly is that she always starts things that she doesn’t finish?

From author’s website:
“A story of friendship and laughter, good heartedness and community—and what it means to be truly generous.”

catchingtime.jpeg“Catching Time” (picture book)
From the jacket:
“With a preserve jar from Mom’s cupboard in one hand and a butterfly net in the other, [Sara] sets out to capture time itself. But where can it be? Is it underneath a desk, or is it twinkling in the sunlight?”
“With lively text by multi-award winning author Rachna Gilmore, and beautifully airy illustrations by Kirsti Anne Wakelin, Catching Time is the perfect remedy to today’s fast-paced lifestyle – a vivid reminder that time with family is precious and, in the end, the very best time of all.”

“Richard Was A Picker” (picture book) is the story of a young boy who, one day, when trying to pick his nose, gets his whole body stuck up inside his nose, essentially turning himself into one big booger. Richard thinks he has a solution to his problem, but before he can get to his destination, a mob forms up and chases him all through town. Will Richard make it to his destination without getting picked to pieces on the way?
From the jacket:
richardpicker.jpegRichard Was A Picker is zany and fun. Packed with rhythm, music and rhyme, it may even be a cure for nose-picking.”

For more information on either Rachna Gilmore or Ben Hodson, visit their websites, and

We hope to see you all on Sunday afternoon, kiddies in tow!