Susan Taylor Meehan Signing

Local author, Susan Taylor Meehan, will be here from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Saturday, April 15 to sign copies of her new book, Loyalty.

About the book:

“An innocent favour for a friend draws Jane Davis, a young employee of the Department of Justice, into the biggest spy scandal of the 20th Century: the Gouzenko Affair. This is the story of how her increasing entrapment in the high-stakes world of early Cold War espionage takes her from a high-security wartime intercept operation to a series of increasingly high-risk assignments for a cause she barely understands. As she struggles to balance the conflicting loyalties that surround her – her deep-cover contact, her friendships, her work colleagues, even her family relationships – she has to sort out right from wrong, friend from enemy, and belonging from rejection. A violent confrontation in an isolated rural diner finally brings clarity: she must escape, leave without a trace, and never look back.”