Joint Book Launch: Andrew Battershill and Suzannah Showler

Double the authors, double the books, double the fun!

Visit us on Wednesday, March 28 between 6:00pm and 8:00pm to meet Vancouver authors Andrew Battershill and Suzannah Showler! They’ll be here to launch their newest releases, Marry, Bang, Kill and Most Dramatic Ever, respectively.

Andrew Battershill’s novel, Marry, Bang, Kill, is about a young man named Tommy Marlo who, though he spends much of his time mugging people for their laptops, is really not a bad guy. Unfortunately for Tommy, nice guy or not, when he rips off the daughter of a notorious motorcycle gang member, he gets a little more than he bargained for. Now, having seen things that have put him in the line of fire, Tommy must up the ante in order to save himself and get out of town unscathed.

“What follows is a revisionist crime thriller, a page-turning hybrid of literary and genre fiction for fans of Elmore Leonard or Patrick de Witt.”

Most Dramatic Ever by Suzannah Showler is an exploration of the show that gave birth to modern reality TV – The Bachelor, which debuted in 2002.
“She argues the show is both gameshow and marriage plot — an improbable combination of competitive effort and kismet — and that it’s both relic and prophet, a time-traveler from first-gen reality TV that proved to be a harbinger of Tinder. In the modern media-savvy climate, the show cleverly highlights and resists its own artifice, allowing Bachelor Nation to see through the fakery to feel the romance. Taking on issues of sex, race, contestants-as-villains, the controversial spin-offs, and more, Most Dramatic Ever is both love letter to and deconstruction of the show that brought us real love in the reality TV era.”

This promises to be a lovely evening full of great books, fascinating people, and intriguing discussions, so don’t miss it! We look forward to seeing you!