Bob Plamondon Signing

Local author, consultant, and historian, Bob Plamondon will be in the store on Sunday, November 26 from 2:00-4:00pm to sign copies of his new book about Jean Chretien, The Shawinigan Fox. Uncovering some of the truths and misconceptions about this often controversial Prime Minister, this new political biography is a must-add for your Christmas wish list!

About the book:
“Jean Chrétien’s critics have said he was a man with no vision and a short attention span — a small-town hick who stumbled his way to become Canada’s 20th prime minister. Whatever credit the Chrétien government deserved was often given to Paul Martin, the heir apparent who was touted to be the brains behind the operation.

But while Chretien was the subject of ridicule, he was quietly giving his competitors — both inside and outside of the Liberal party — a master class in politics, leadership, and nation-building.

Until now, the story of Chretien’s time as prime minister has been largely misunderstood. Plamondon sets the record straight and provides compelling lessons about political leadership and problem-solving from a critical chapter in Canadian history.”