Super Signing Saturday: Gary Hutchinson and Mark Foss

Be sure to swing by this Saturday, October 15 for two great local signings!

catchmemoonFrom 12:00-1:00pm, children’s author Gary Hutchinson will be here signing copies of his brand new children’s book Catch Me the Moon.

About the book:

“‘Catch me the moon,’ cries Madeline. ‘Okay,’ says Poppa. He makes her a “moon box.” But when she looks inside, the moon is never there. So Poppa finds a bigger box. And then one night, it happens…

This colourfully illustrated picture book is a heartfelt story about the powerful connection between children and their grandparents. Catch Me the Moon will appeal to the young and not-so-young alike.”

mollyoFrom 1:00-4:00pm, local novelist Mark Foss will be in the store to sign copies of his new book Molly O.

About the book:

“On a three-tiered stage in the Ontario countryside, the mellifluous voice of an auctioneer can induce grizzled farmers to buy broken shovels. His two sons help out with the business, but it’s his strangely mute young daughter who seduces auction-goers with her elaborate vintage costumes. When she disappears, the younger brother – now a Montreal film professor – begins a lifelong search that ultimately leads him to the silent, experimental cinema of Molly O. In this tale of unshakeable dreams, the songs of Rodgers and Hart may contain secret messages, a country road seems to stretch timelessly into the distance and the firm earth in the backyard may well turn into quicksand. Molly O explores an unstable world where nothing is certain except what we hope for.”