Elie Nasrallah Signing “Hostage to History”

hostagehistoryLocal author Elie Nasrallah will be here on Saturday, May 21 from 12:00-3:00pm to sign copies of his new book Hostage to History.

About the book:

“People, like you, all over the world are asking a serious question, demanding a credible answer: what happened to Arab culture and its peoples? (…) Like a social science surgeon, he takes the reader into the dark alleys of contemporary Arab cultural conditions and political collapse. In fact, he shows how the lack of freedom, women’s oppression, sexual repression, illiteracy, political tyranny, out-dated educational system, the mixing of religion and politics, and the curse of oil have all led to present-day catastrophic upheaval and Arab state-system disintegration, destruction and decay in most Arab lands. He provides readers with a 12-point prescription for salvaging a civilization that has lost its way and needs to re-join modernity and history.”