Robert Alvo Signing “Being a Bird in North America”

beingbirdnorthLocal author Robert Alvo will be in the store on Saturday, March 5 from 11:00am to 2:00pm to sign copies of his book Being a Bird in North America.

From the jacket:

“The first in a series of books describing the Earth’s elements of biodiversity, this is a new kind of book for anyone interested in birds.

  • Custom-drawn cartoons from 15 artists
  • Global distribution maps
  • Taxonomy, nomenclature, and species ordering as per the American Ornithologists’ Union (Chesser 2014)
  • An appendix that completes the list and status of North American birds.
  • Well-researched and properly cited and referenced species accounts featuring interesting aspects of each native breeding species, such as their tricks for survival, real problems they face in nature or because of humans, ecology, birding considerations, unanswered questions, and much more.”