Our December Bestsellers

  1. The Last Straw                              Jeff Kinney                Kids
  2. Two Days in June                         Andrew Cohen         Biography
  3. Dispatches from the Front         David Halton            Biography
  4. US Conductors                             Sean Michaels          Fiction
  5. Opinionated Old Cow                 Alena Schram           Humour
  6. You are here; Around the world.. Chris Hadfield        Sci & Nature
  7. Punishment                                  Lynden Macintyre    Fiction
  8. Sweetland                                     Michael Crummey    Fiction
  9. Canadian-Cheese                        Kathy Guidi                Cooking
  10. The Orenda                                   Joseph Bryden         Fiction
  11. Fields of Blood                             Karen Armstrong     Spiritual
  12. The Morning After                      Chantal Hebert         History
  13. Plenty More                                 Ottolenghi                 Cooking
  14. Tell                                                 Frances Itani              Fiction
  15. Party of One                                 Michael Harris           Politics
  16. All my Puny Sorrows                   Miriam Toews           Fiction
  17. The Children Act                          Ian McEwan               Fiction
  18. The Comeback                             John Ralston Saul     History
  19. The Back of the Turtle                Thomas King             Fiction
  20. Da Vinci Catapult                                                             Toys