Our November Best-Sellers

  1. Dispatches from the Front”     David Halton                                      Biography
  2. Who We Are”                                 Elizabeth May                                   Biography
  3. Two days in June…”                Andrew Cohen                                 Biography
  4. Us Conductors”                    Sean Michaels                                   Fiction
  5. None so Blind ”                    Barbara Fradkin                                    Mystery
  6. You Are Here…”                   Chris Hatfield                                     Sci&Nature
  7. The Snow Walker”              Farley Mowat                                    Biography
  8. Tell”                                       Frances Itani                                     Fiction
  9. The longer I’m Prime Minister”       Paul Wells                              Politics
  10. “The Morning After”           Chantal Hebert                                 History
  11. “Party of One”                    Michael Harris                                   Politics
  12. Diary of a Wimpy Kid ”        Jeff Kinney                                         Youth
  13. “Common Ground”                 Justin Trudeau                                  Biography
  14. “Irresponsible Government”   Rathgeber/Coyne                            Politics
  15. “Drive All Night”                      Jamie Anderson                               Biography