1. “Thinking in Numbers”            Daniel Tammet                  Science
2.”The Inconvenient Indian”       Thomas King                       History
3.”How we Lead”                          Joe Clark                              Politics
4. “The War on Science”             Chris Turner                         Politics
6.”Shopping for votes”                Susan Delacourt                 Politics
7. “The Dogs are eating…..”           Graeme Smith                  History
8. “Canada in the Great Power..” Gwynne Dyer                     History
9. “Love in the time of Cholera”    G. G. Marquez                   Fiction
10. “A Spy among Friends”           Ben Macintyre                   History
11. “The Long Way Home”            Louise Penny                     Fiction
12. “Tell”                                          Frances Itani                        Fiction
13″ The Luminaries”                     Eleanor Catton                   Fiction
14. “An Event in Autumn”            Henning Mankell                Fiction
15. “How the light gets in ”           Louise Penny                     Fiction
16. “The Awakening of Miss Prim” N.S. Fenollera                  Fiction
17. “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki”       H. Marakami                    Fiction