Our Best Sellers in July

  1. No Relation                                 Terry Fallis                                       Fiction
  2. The Rosie Project                        Graeme Simsion                           Fiction
  3. Capital in the 21st Century        Thomas Piketty                            Economy
  4. 100 year old man who…             Jonas Jonasson                            Fiction
  5. The Awakening of Miss Prim         N. Sanmartin Fenollera              Fiction
  6. Reclaiming the Commons..        Heather Menzies                         Biography
  7. Based on a True Story ..              Elizabeth Renzetti                       Fiction
  8. Wicked Autumn                            G.M. Malliet                                  Mystery
  9. Art of Racing in the Rain           Garth Stein                                   Fiction
  10. The Lost Sisterhood                     Anne Fortier                                 Fiction
  11. Girl who saved the King..        Jonas Jonasson                             Fiction
  12. The Gravity of the Birds            Tracy Guzeman                             Fiction
  13. Silver Totem of Shame                R.J. Harling                                     Mystery
  14. Palawan Story                                 Caroline Vu                                    Fiction