Our Bestsellers in June


  1. Reclaiming the Commons        Heather Menzies                         Biography
  2. Palawan Story                            Caroline Vu                              Fiction
  3. How we lead                                 Joe Clark                                          Politics
  4. No Relation                                   Terry Fallis                                    Fiction
  5. Christianity for the Rest of Us   Diana Bass                                     Spiritual
  6. Sweetness of a simple Life       Diana Beresfor-Kroeger           Sci & Nature
  7. Girl who saved the King of ..       Jonas Jonasson                          Fiction
  8. A delicate truth                             John LeCarre                                Fiction
  9. The soldier’s wife                          Margaret Leroy                           Fiction
  10. Opening Heaven’s door             Patricia Pearson                           Psychology
  11. The lost Sisterhood                     Anne Fortier                                 Fiction
  12. Minor Adjustment Beauty …     A. Mccall Smith                           Mystery
  13. The Silkworm                                Robert Galbriath                         Mystery
  14. Written in my own Heart’s        Diana Gabaldon                           Fiction
  15. Midnight in Europe                       Alan Furst                                      Fiction
  16. 100 year old man who…             Jonas Jonasson                            Fiction
  17. The Fault in our Stars                   John Green                                  Youth