Our Bestsellers for February

1.       The Orenda                                        Joseph Boyden                  Fiction

2.       Imposter Bride                                  Nancy Richler                     Fiction

3.       It’s not Luck                                        Eliyahn Goldratt                Economy

4.       Redshift                                               Patrick White                     Poetry

5.       Dominion                                            C.J. Sansom                        Fiction  

6.       Life after Life                                     Kate Atkinson                    Fiction

7.       The Last Indian Summer                   Robert Lalonde                Fiction

8.       Winter in Madrid                              C.J. Sansom                        Fiction

9.       The Woman Upstairs                      Claire Messud                   Fiction

10.     David and Goliath                            Malcolm Gladwell            Psychology

11.     The War that ended Peace          Margaret MacMillan         History