Miriam Clavir Signing New Book “Insinuendo: Murder in the Museum” on Saturday, November 17 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Miriam Clavir will be in the store signing copies of her new mystery novel, Insinuendo: Murder in the Museum. Come down between 1:00pm and 3:00pm to meet her, have a chat, buy a book, and get it signed. You may even be able to cross someone off your Christmas shopping list while you’re at it!

A bit about the book:
“A murder mystery set within the complex world of an anthropological museum. Berry Cates has undergone a “radical lifectomy,” remaking her life at fifty-three, newly single and in a new career at a museum. However, she soon becomes the target of serious accusations at the museum. Determined to prove these as false, Berry gets into deeper trouble. Her sleuthing uncovers museum staff casting illicit bronzes and blackmail being delivered via a Roman curse tablet. Curatorial fraud and accusations by aboriginal people of poisoning their heritage regalia with toxic pesticides come to light as well. Only when Barry realizes she has been asking the wrong questions does she stop her slide into a web of deceit.”

We hope to see you all here on Saturday!