Maurice Hladik Signing “Demystifying Food from Farm to Fork”

On Saturday April 21, from 12:00 to 2:00pm, local author Maurice Hladik will be in the bookstore signing copies of his new book Demystifying Food from Farm to Fork.
Maurice grew up on a farm in western Canada and was an active farmer into his early adulthood. He earned two degrees in agricultural economics from Canadian and US universities and became an agricultural attache in New Zealand and Germany.
From the jacket:
“In North America and elsewhere, there is a growing concern by many that they are no longer connected in any meaningful way with the production or processing of the food they consume. Furthermore, many sources portray a negative bias regarding the production, transport, processing, and marketing of today’s food.
In Demystifying Food from Farm to Fork, author Maurice J. Hladik examines a plethora of issues surrounding the agricultural industry. It answers the questions of what is food, what does farm to market really mean, and whether the food we eat is safe.”

We hope to see you all here on Saturday between noon and 2:00pm!