Esther Fueter-Matharu Signing on Saturday, April 14 from 11:00am to 1:00pm

Come on down to Books on Beechwood on Saturday, April 14 to meet local author Esther Fueter-Matharu. She will be here from 11:00am to 1:00pm signing copies of her two books, Man on Trial: The ABC of his Folly and De-Feet.

De-Feet — a book of poetry
From the jacket:
“Love, war, nature, the environment – all reflect different phases on the journey of life that the poet who lives in each person can observe and corroborate. With tears and laughter, fears and mockery, Esther Fueter-Matharu takes us on a journey from the wall in Palestine to the bombs in Tennessee, from a tranquil lake in Quebec to the heart of corporate America, from the joys of friendship to the spiritual ponderings for authenticity in the world where lies and pretence dominate. She describes a world that is hot and angry, loving and tender. Both the oppressed and the oppressor will recognize themselves in Esther’s poems.”

Man on Trial: The ABC of his Folly
From the jacket:
“Why, in Canada, do so few women aspire to enter the political arena?
What holds them back?
What needs to happen for women to actively seek to have a fair and proportionate representation in the decision-making processes in all areas of government?”
“From A for Arrogance, to Z for Zero, this book attempts to describe how the dominant paradigm has affected Woman. Structured as a pyramid (the powerful few at the top, the vast voiceless majority at the bottom), and based on the military model of command and control, this model has failed Women, the Environment and Community.”
“The paradigm must go and a new one adopted in all areas of governance.”

About the author:
Esther Fueter-Matharu sees herself as a woman among the millions of women who feel deeply that something is wrong in the way things are going. She is a founding member of the Women’s Alliance Party and a member of its Council of Thirteen.

We hope to see you all here on Saturday! Come on down, meet the author, buy a book, and get it signed!