Book Club meeting September 28th: The Lacuna

lacuna.jpgWe’ll be sharing our opinions of Barbara Kingsolver’s “The Lacuna” on wednesday evening of the 28th, at our regular time of 7:30pm. Meetings take place in the lounge of the New Edinburgh Square retirement residence located at 35 Beechwood Ave.

This is a gripping story of identity, connection with our past, and the power of words to create or devastate, unfolding at a moment when the entire world seemed bent on reinventing itself at any cost.

Born in the United States, reared in a series of provisional households in Mexico, Harrison Shepherd is mostly a liability to his social-climbing flapper mother, Salomé. From a coastal island jungle to the unpaved neighborhoods of 1930s Mexico City, through a disastrous stint at a military school in Virginia and back again, his fortunes never steady as Salomé finds her rich men-friends always on the losing side of the Mexican Revolution. Sometimes she gives her son cigarettes instead of supper.

Everyone is welcome! Don’t forget: all copies of our book club books are available at a 20% discount until the meeting…