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Jean’s been cleaning out her bookshelves and is selling off some great Canadian novels at fantastic prices – $5.00 each! Is there a Margaret Atwood book that you never got around to reading? Are you trying to brush up on your Michael Ondaatje? Maybe you’re looking for a great Canadian biography by Charlotte Gray, or some fantastic fiction by Timothy Findley or Elizabeth Hay. No matter what Canadian author floats your boat, you’re bound to find something good on Jean’s bookshelves!

“Quantum Entity” by Bruce M. Firestone Now Available!!!

Bruce M. Firestone’s new book, the first in a trilogy, is now available for purchase at our store! Published by, “Quantum Entity” is a paperback that retails for $19.95.

About the book:
“In the mid-21st Century, amidst a world entrenched in corporate power and greed, brilliant young physicist Damien Bell emerges to create quantum communications and the AI phenomenon of quantum entities – poised to make global scarcity a thing of the past. Here Damien’s journey begins – thrust into the reality of global business influence and national security – to prove that “we are all ONE.”

In this first book of the trilogy, Bruce M. Firestone creates a thrilling new genre that captures the essence of science fiction, adventure, romance and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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