Anna Blauveldt Signing

Join us on Saturday, December 9 for a book signing with local author, Anna Blauveldt. She will be here between 1:00pm and 3:00pm to sign copies of her new novel, The Leavetaking, and her children’s book, Kat and the Meanies.
About the books:
The Leavetaking is about a terminally ill woman, about betrayal and forgiveness, courage and compassion – but most of all, it is about forging one’s own path to serenity and helping others to find theirs.
Find your path – find your way – find your peace.”
Kat and the Meanies:
“Kat’s Mom and Dad have lots of rules for her to follow…SO many, in fact, she’s sure they belong to a Meany Club!
What’s a girl to do? Kat dreams of slipping away to find fun in all sorts of places…
Who knows where her journeys will take her?”

We look forward to seeing you here!