Pre-Christmas Sale

From Sunday November 23rd to Saturday November 29th, all Christmas Cards and Calendars will be 20% off in our pre-Christmas sale, We have a wide selection of calendars so that you can tailor your choice to the recipent’s interests.

Our Christmas card selection is quite original but we also have some boxed sets such as the ever popular UNICEF cards (although these are disappearing fast).

While you’re visiting, check out our collection of family sized jig-saw puzzles and various other games. There are also some intriguing wooden construction kits especially those models of machines originally designed by Leonardo.

November Newsletter

October was a very good month for the bookstore. There were many special events such as author visits and book signings and those are reflected in our list of October best-sellers. The Titles@Table 40 dinner event, featuring Tim Cook and his book “The Necessary War”,was sold-out and was very successful. November’s Titles@Table40 event on November 23 involves dinner and discussion with Elizabeth May and is already almost sold out. Elizabeth came to the store on November 1 for a book sgning (her book is “Who we are”) and the demand was such that we ran out of copies. Elizabeth has offerred to sign more copies when the new shipment arrives so if you missed out on November 1, we can reserve you a copy later.

The store is just about filled to the brim with new books, ready for the pre-Christmas rush. Books make a great gift -even for yourself! We also carry an increased stock of cards, calendars, jig-saw puzzles and games. The ever popular UNICEF Christmas cards are in stock and selling fast.

We are offering a free Christmas gift wrapping service (but only for items purchased at the store!). It will usually be done on the spot but it depends on how busy the store is at the time and also who happens to be on staff at the time. (Some of us are less gifted in the art of gift wrapping than others and are best not involved). Sometimes it will be a service for pick-up later. We won’t be able to do this in the last few hectic days before Christmas.

We have copies of a short Christmas catalog available at the store. Members of our staff will be providing their own gift suggestions in the next edition of the New Edinburgh News. Look out for a copy or get one at the store.

We have had a special selection of books on display related to the upcoming Remembrance Day. Note that on November 11, the store will be open starting at 1.00p.m. until 6.00p.m.




Our October Best-sellers

  1. “None so blind”        Barbara Fradkin                                                       Mystery
  2. “Party of One”                 Michael Harris                                                   Politics
  3. Time such as there never was before”     Alan Bowker             History
  4. “I know why the caged bird sings”    Maya Angelou                   Biography
  5. Worth Dying for”          Terry Gould                                              Politics
  6. “Man in the Shadows”       Gordon Henderson                                        Fiction
  7. On Sober Second Thought”            Barbra Bond                     Fiction
  8. Girls will be Girls”       Deak/Barker                                          Parenting
  9. Happy City”            Charles Montgomery                                     Politics
  10. The Necessary War”            Tim Cook                                             History
  11. Heroes of Olympus; Book V”        Rick Riordan                                     Youth
  12. Tell”                                     Frances Itani                                      Fiction
  13. “It’s not the Ships”            Frederick Sherwood                       Biography
  14. “Roses for a Diva”           Rick Blechta                                        Mystery
  15. “Common Ground”                 Justin Trudeau                                  Biography